Hello all

So, I may have introduced myself before, but seeing as I’ve not been posting for a while, thought I’d introduce myself again. I donated well before the alpha went live, and have been looking through the forums since them, but forgot my login password for a while :o . Anyways, I hope to be a productive member of the community, and will see y’all in the rest of the forums. Also, unsure if this is something I should really post, but I have two tumors in my abdomen, and they recently shrunk, without any treatment! Just feel the need to share that with everyone for some reason, want to shout it at the world. Anyways, happy killing :stuck_out_tongue: .

Welcome 'Duck :slight_smile:

That is good news the tumors are diminishing. Nice to hear another voice amongst the grim company, speak up.
Stay Grim!

Hello Duck and welcome back to the forum :slight_smile:

good to hear that you are recovering from the tumors, hope it all goes well!

Welcome aboard Duck. Stay a while and listen.

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Hi! Good news about the tumors! Welcome to the forums, I’m pretty new myself. :slight_smile: