Hello!!! :D

hello my friends, iam daniel from köln germany

first i have to say that my english is not very good, but i really had to create a account for this forum because i fucking loved/love titan quest!!
It was the first game in my childhood that i really loved and it was so beautiful, the grphics and the sound, oh my god, good old times:)

when i heard from grim dawn, my first reaction was: OH MY FU**** GOD life becomes sense again:D just kidding, but really when THIS!!! Game is just 50% as good as titan quest i, i … i dont really know but it would be just beautiful and iam so fu**** happy that the guys from titan quest started this project:´´)))

i think this game will not be published in german language?:smiley: but it doesn matter!

ok guys and girls^^ i hope i could show you really my passion to this project and yes, if my english would be better, i could show my feelings better, but thx for reading this far:))

love you

and welcome to the GD community, pull up a chair and enjoy your stay here, WOW we are getting a lot of new people joining up recently, and that is always a good thing

PS your english is just fine, if people can read and make sens of what you write, then you are ok!!

thank you!:slight_smile:

Noch ein Daniel ^^

Welcome Aboard :smiley:

Welcome to the Grim Dawn family.

Well, you know how to use the f-word as a suplement to ponctuation, you don’t need anything else in English. :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha:D best answer:DD

thank you i fu***** love you all <3 :slight_smile:

Välkommen Daniel :wink:

Greetings from Sweden and I hope you have a nice stay here and that you perhaps pre-order so that we might see each other in alpha. :slight_smile: