Hello Everyone

Been waiting for something to satiate me as the last big game that was supposed to keep me for another 10 yrs was, in my mind, an utter failure. As it stands I can’t even say that name anymore. Ran into some news about this and decided it was worth my money for even some Alpha gameplay. By the way…if this is what the developers consider Alpha I can’t wait for the beta and live release because this leaves some of the betas I have been participating in in the dust.
I do have some questions though let me know if this has been answered before.

~ With about an hr of play im already at lvl 9 is this the rate we will be seeing in beta and live or will it be slower? does it get slower at higher levels? Main reason it seems that leveling is incredibly quick…
~ Got quite a few ‘pages’ that had to mouseover in the inventory but I cant seem to find a ‘Journal’ function…is this planned??
~ Also, love the atmosphere and sound track seems well put together. In Kasparous room you distinctly hear a clock ticking. Upon zooming in there is actually a old fashioned stand up clock against the wall, just wish the bell would be swinging back and forth in time to the sound.
~ How often do the developers post significant news or respond to bug items in the forums? The one thing I always hate about game development is not a lot of communication with the fans <->developers and back again. Even if that little tidbit is “We just working on ***” weekly.

Again Thanks for the game, Thanks for the hard work as I an already see its a great game :slight_smile:


Maybe some alpha player will answer your questions.

It does slow down as you progress in levels.

There was a discussion about having a library to store these pages. Devs had been thinking about it.

Check out the Suggestion: Library to hold Found Notes and Books thread.

The Alpha Bug Reporting forum is where developers have been responding to bugs.
They have been good at responding to bugs. Although, there’s not one location to get this information.

The other forum to check out is the Alpha Ideas and Feedback.

I’m not an expert on GD, but I’ll try to answer as good as I can.

Maybe someone else can/will add to/correct my answers :wink:

Like with most ARPGs, levelling up gets exponentially slower with each level you gain. The higher you are, the longer it takes, and the more time-difference from one level to the next there is.

I don’t know it the levelling speed is going to be different in beta or release. A the game is still in early alpha, tweaks to XP gain are likely. I personally doubt it will change a lot though.

I think being very fast during the first levels is very good - because you need to spend some skill points to start fleshing out your character, so that combat becomes interesting.
Having to run around with nothing but your default attack would become pretty boring soon.

I honestly don’t know.
Maybe one of the more well-versed GD-enthusiats can tell you.

Actually the sound is made by the clock.
Some of those clocks are destructible (hold down shift to attack it) - if destroyed the ticking will stop.

Developers have always been very active on these forums (some more, some less). Look at the subforums “Development updates” and “Development Discussion” for example - but they’ve also been to all the other parts of the forum.

Developers wear bold, red forum-names - so you can easily spot their posts. There is also that Crate-icon which signals threads that developers did post into.

Forum activity has gone up quite a bit since start of alpha, and they are a very small team and very busy making the game - so if you write in the alpha forum, don’t expect/demand a dev-answer. I personally am very sure they will read it though.

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hi and welcome to the forums, hope you continue to enjoy the game, but don’t expect game updates to be quick mind, but they are busy fixing the bugs, so updates will be slow, but anyway, the game is certainly very good isn’t it?