Hello fellow adventurers

Greetings o/

After reading around here and searching for some build advices i thought it would be a good idea for a short introducing of myself. Normaly i’m not a great games forum user, but this place here seems pretty nice and helpfull so i will stay a while.
My RL name is Ben and i’m 33 years young. I’m from Swabia, that’s a shouthern part of Germany.
I hope my english is not too bad, it’s been a long time ago since i learned it in school.

I play pc/console games since i’m 8 years old. From Baldurs Gate to Command and Conquer, AoE, D2, Heroes of Might and Magic to the Elders Scrolls series, i played all the known and unknown titels. The last game i played was GW2 with around 6k hours until 1,5 years ago. Since then i took a break from gaming because it feels rather doing work or a second job than fun. A few weeks ago i wanted to dip back into some short gaming sessions and i picked GD randomly and give it a try.

Since then i have a ton of fun within the game. The setting, classes, the whole feeling ist just awesome. I play it only about half and a week now but i already feel this game is pretty underrated in the gaming community. Also the game feeds my inner altoholism but this time it feels so good compared to my mmo times, where this was more a drawback in case of the loot and progress treadmill.

At the moment i’m testing out all the classes. I fell already in love with the Oathkeeper and Inquisitor. My classic rpg backround draws me onto classes like a Paladin, Deathknight or classical Mages. But i know i will end up having a lot of toons and play them parallely. Defenetly have the most fun gaming time since years.

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forums, Ben, and the world of Cairn. If you’ve ever got questions don’t hesitate to ask here as the folks around these parts are pretty dang nice and very helpful.

Have a great game!

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Hallo und wilkommen!

Man what an awesome username, welcome to the game and forum!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome here.

Yes i already experienced this. The folks around here are really helpfull.

Vielen lieben Dank ^^

To find a fitting username wasn’t easy. Normaly i’m using Benton. That’s my rl nickname. It’s a mix of my name and Enton the german name of the Pokemon Psyduck. The daughter of my girlfriend gave it to me. She even drawed me some Psyduck pictures with a beanie, beard and glasses so that it looks like me ^^