Hello fellow Grim Dawners

Hello all, and greetings from denmark. I hope to be part of this great community. I am a long time fan of ARPG and especially TQ which i played till my fingers was crippled and my eyes hurt. I have followed this game for some time now and thought what the heck, lets throw some doleros after the development team. So i bougth the loyalist edition in hope of a great and exiting game. I must say to this point its looking pretty good i am looking forward to play it sometime in the future. :smiley:

Hello and welcome. Enjoy your stay here!

Denmark? What do you think of Volbeat? :smiley:

Thank you Assassin.
I love them. Seen em a couple of times and they rock the boat. Its heavy metal sing-a-long at its finest. Guitargangsters and Cadillac blood for everyone,yeaaa.

Welcome to the forums! I’m glad you joined us here. feel free to participate as well, it’s good to share ideas with us.

hello and welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here

My signature = verse from The Garden’s Tale song. Great band!