hello folks !

My name is Martin, i live in middle middle-europe and earned my copy of “Grim Dawn” by turning ironbits on big machines. 8 or so years ago i accidently became an TQ addict, bought the game as a present for a friend of mine, i suffered from a pulmonary inflammation and was so bored that i installed it for myself. Suddenly i was cured and as much as i like to work i hated to leave my PC back then. You know, the kind of “i need it so bad, even headache is acceptable” addiction.
Time passed, D3 was released, took me about 10 clicks to realize that there is something wrong. I looked up alternatives to Dpfui3 and … blah blah blah

GD is a gem so far. Only a couple of months ago i finished Franz Kafkas Castle, i almost yerked off when i met the NPC Barnabas waiting outside the gates. After 10 clicks in GD l felt bellybrushed.
The music on the battlefield is stunning, outstanding in (not only) the RPG genre. Cant wait for more. Need more. Now. GIVE IT TO MEEE!!! please

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Hello! Yes a lot of people are really wanting more of the story. Just think of it as the more you wait the better it’ll be. Instead of rushing through it, you might go slow and cherish every pixel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome


Nice to see your here!

Welcome and have fun with your new addiction.:wink:


the music is done well, many ppl have noticed