Hello forums (damn this generic title, you'll ruin peoples first impressions))

Hello, I imagine my tale will be similar to many of your own. Big fan of Titan Quest, still play it to this day. heard about GD on another a forum, after seeing the kick starter page/video it started throwing my money at the screen and pledged right away. Looking forward to this game immensly :slight_smile:

oh and i enjoy unicorns and long walks in the rain.

Welcome Keystone! Generic intro’s ftw. We’ll get to know each other better if you become an active poster here.

Btw, we also have a Keyrock around here :slight_smile:

I wonder if they are related? :smiley:

but anyway hi and welcome, and hope you enjoy your stay on the forums


That being said, yes, my first impression of you has been ruined. So the exclamation mark on that welcome may have been overzealous :stuck_out_tongue:

Unicorns truly are wonderful! Although, I suspect multicorns may have the potential to be even better. Or are they just too much of a good thing?

Hey Keystone,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

Welcome to the forums!

just how multi are these multicorns? because this may be a game changer.

thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I was once a Keyrock, then experienced erosion. No relation though.

There was a White Rock Black Rock game in Ultima Underworld. (1 or 2)
I was really good at it, too.