Hello from a Titan Quest junkie!

Hello everyone!

I can’t describe how happy I am to have found this game/site. :smiley:

I couldn’t believe the words I was reading when I stumbled upon that text saying “our own version of the titan quest engine” and so on, because I always thought that was the only engine with THINGS DONE RIGHT! I mean, you don’t kill a wild boar and find a SWORD… and then, the most spectacular feature of TQ was that when you saw an enemy holding a special weapon, you knew it would fall to the ground after the bastard was dead!

I hope you can keep up this excellent work, I’m doing for my key now.

Hey babaum,

Welcome aboard! =)

Glad you joined our ranks, it’s been quite dead over the last few days here…

And YES, I loved enemies wielding my precious loot!! =)

hi and welcome to the forums, we are all over the moon that the people behind titan quest have reformed to make GD, we are still waiting for the devs to give us a new video hint, hint

so yeah we are looking forward to this game, titan quest kept me going for a long time, I think I clocked over 300 hours playing it from what steam stats tell me, and probably there are quite a few that have gone higher then that, and I don’t think that many games have kept me going like TQ has

while the core game of GD will be small at first, A it will have modding support, and B expansions that will in large the game world, as I think we have a lot to look forward too, and you can wait in line like the rest of us waiting for news:D

and hopefuly a vid too:D:D

Well duh its still holiday vacation time!! for some… lol. But seriously welcome aboard dude! this game is going to kick ass.

Welcome aboard! I guess the “deadness” is in part due to vacation (and not to mention the Steam sales), but it’s not the most vibrant board around simply because the community is still small and the long time active members have been waiting for a few years now.

Yeah I guess. Wish we will get some news to feed on soon. =)

hopefully, would be nice to have some new news:D

Hello and welcome! Glad you found us. :wink:

When I joined, no one from crate lords didn’t even looked at me, not even said a word. :cry:

Im little jealous on you, you must be the chosen one when they communicate to you :smiley:

Ohh, almost forgot, welcome to the forum mate.

totally agree. i think few games can be compared to TQ that kept me playing them over and over again. there were many things i liked in it, and I too am glad to e able to see them in GD, from what med told us so far.

bdw welcome mate!