Hello from Discord, just registered! & Classless Challenge

Hello, I’m Rakso, which stands for Oskar backwards - my irl name.
I’m a fan of hack and slash games, althrough instead of playing a variety of them, I spent most my time on specific few for thousands of hours.
I enjoy challenges and make stuff intentionally harder to deal with for myself, as it gives me… joy? PeepoWTF
That stuff/content/whatever doesn’t have to be necessarily rewarding in terms of in-game material for me, but excitement of standing up to the challenge itself is the best payment for me.

I heard of this challenge “Reach level 100 Classless on Ultimate difficulty”. I want to attempt it. Obviously on hardcore, because otherwise I won’t get the medal reward. I want to take it up to a next level for myself, by doing that also SSF and on x2.0 Game Speed. I’ll be streaming this on my Twitch whenever I have the mood or time to play it. (Sometimes I get distracted from that, because I’m still relatively “new” to the game, and trying out different builds that I’m making on my own gives me bigger excitement and drags my whole attention for a day, so I might skip streaming the challenge from time to time for a day).

If I get a larger audience interested in my adventure I might think of additional challenges, that the viewers will force me to do by using off their watch-time points, such as:

  • I’ll be forced to play for 15 irl minutes on x3.0 Game Speed.
  • I’ll be forced to dismantle an item I’m currently wearing in my inventory randomly selected from the wheel and deal with it.
  • I’ll be forced to play for 15 irl minutes without devotion procs.

There is one video already up. And yes, I have a microphone in case someone would like to chat.
I won’t stop with the challenge until I won’t make it on the conditions that I personally want it to be. Does not necessarily mean I’m not open to suggestions. I don’t mind my characters dying. I’ll just make a new one. I’ll have yet to decide if I keep the items from the previous unlucky wemen(XD) or start SSF anew considering how much time consuming would it be.

I also hope to post my build ideas in the future, not necessarily strong builds, but simply enjoyable to play with targeting for a specific idea in their design and existence. :slight_smile:

See you on livestreams or future forum posts of mine, or comments! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum and good luck with the challenge. :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers: for you.

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