Hello from Ukraine

So i heard about this game about 2 hours ago. Watched some trailers and gameplay videos and everything that I can say is : WOW ! People on youtube already said that this is what Diablo 3 was supposed to be, but as for me it’s good old Titan Quest with lots of new gameplay features. And i don’t need more than that :smiley: Nice to see, that there are still people who work for their pleasure and not for money. So here i am with you guys !

P.S. Still thinking about giving away 85$ for ultra special edition…Game looks very promising

Hi Voltman and welcome to the forums.

Hello and welcome. It would be a good investment as long as you can afford it. the devs do not put any pressure on how much to donate, it’s really up to you. hope you enjoy your stay.

Yeah i wish i had managed to do it on kickstarter :confused: Retail version is so much cooler, specially with all those fancy dev autographs :smiley: I hope they will do some things like this for all those Loyalists

You know you want to spend $85 on this game, so repeat after me,


even if the devs don’t put pressure on you, the fans will :wink:

but seriously, get the version that you are willing to pay for and be haoppy in the knowledge that you have supported this awesome game

and hi and welcome from me

Sure i will :DD I wish i had more than 85$ to spend i’d love to spend em all on such awsome product to help the devs. Assuming how much good ol companies became greedy money machines i’d rather support those who still believe that WE can make a differ.

Amen to that brother. Help however you can, and welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

здарова соседи =)

Добро пожаловать!

Posting my 3rd message sup!!!