Hello GD Community/Founders(Donators)

Hello, the name is Josh. I hail from the Frozen tundra of Wisconsin, USA. (prolly others from some where colder I am sure) Looks like I got myself involved in another forum lol. I finally decided to buy the Legendary pre-order today. so not sure where I will find the time to play tbh. I find myself in forums more than the games. (Not out of love for forums but out of the desire to find better/different game than I already have. I’ve played the fantasy mmo’s for years now (EQ2, WoW, Aion, etc getting old). I’ve mixed in games such as Global Agenda (spent a lot of time playing), Crysis, and the likes. My passion for an Action/shooter style rpgmmo is starting to get out of control. I feel the next game to reach WoW status will be a shooter style mmo in a persistent evolving world (could be first, third person, or a hybrid). I may be wrong but I think there are alot of people that don’t play the fantasy mmorpg games that would if it was in a tps/fps mmorpg. Obviously all speculation on my part. However, I can think of 3-5 games that grab my attention in this genre that are releasing by years end (or at least they claim to be releasing)