Hello guys!

I love Titan Quest, and am glad part of the same team is making another ARPG.

I hope much of what people liked about Titan Quest is taken into consideration with the new game. One huge thing, was the game wasn’t centered around a single town, and there was a lot of exploration, and changing environments. I particularly liked Act 3 in Titan Quest, started off in Babylon, and worked your way over to China, killing all foes in your path. I hope Grim Dawn doesn’t go out of tough with that same sense of adventure, that isn’t really present in most ARPGs.

Welcome stranger! Stay a while and listen! … oh wrong game sorry.:rolleyes:

Have a nice stay tho & enjoy the community.

Hi and welcome, nice to see new members joining our community,

so hi and welcome and stay a while:D

Hey nice to have another fan.

I agree, Titan Quest was really nice visually and also the exploration was really well done with plenty of side dungeons to explore or are side quest related.

All acts are pretty well done visually and I don’t think I actually have a favorite act.

Me neither. I enjoy all the acts in Titan Quest. The variety makes each one interesting in a different way and I hope we’ll see the same in GD.

And welcome to the forum crimsonedge5. Nice to see another TQ player here; I think most of the regulars from www.titanquest.net are members here as well. If you’re still playing the game, pop over and join in. It keeps us busy while we wait for TQ’s spiritual successor to be completed.