Hello :)

I was playing an online game that made me want to peel layers off my eyeballs with a rusty spork when I realised I had been sucked into the vortex of gambling, er, I mean, what passes for ‘gaming’ these days. It’s a game where the story line blows more dead bears than the customer service when I questioned why I gamed at all?

That’s when I stood up, banged my knee on my desk, tripped over my headset, staggered to the shelf, and found Titan Quest tucked up against Immortal Throne and heaved a sigh of relief.

Then I did a search for 'whatever happened to the developers of Titan Quest" and ended up here. There are so many here that seem to be avid, experienced gamers and it’s been great reading the forums. So yeah, thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome! You got my curiosity, what game made you want to peel out your eyeballs with a rusty spork?

Hiya, it’s Rappelz… the one really good thing about the game is the ability to interact with others, the guild system I suppose and chat so over time you meet people that just keep you coming back. So basically it’s a big casino type chat program :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!

Also, you’ll be pleased to know, we use only live bears in the making of Grim Dawn.

HAHA, Nice Medierra!!

Does a bear shit in the woods?

I don’t have any way to incorporate that saying into anything useful. I just wanted to say it. I hope I can say that without getting in trouble.

Thank you for the warm and fuzzy peace love and eternal grooviness welcome :slight_smile:

Live bears and poo in the forests. There’s a quest line in here somewhere, if we just focus really hard . I just hope it doesn’t end up with someone waking up in the woods and marveling at the crunchy pudding stuck to their teeth, then I think you’d have your answer Zgore :slight_smile:

:eek: Haha I am sure I would.

Hello guys!
Nice conversation, glad to be joined you. I am moni newbie here…I like to watch movies, play games and painting…:wink:

Hi Moni, nice to meet you!

Lol since I was already in this conversation at one point I will say “Hi” also. Welcome!

Hello and welcome !
And moni2010, show us some of your drawings one day.

Hi Zgore! We can keep this going ya know :stuck_out_tongue: