Been lurking this site for some time but decided to actually register to this wonderfull site today shame on me :o I loved TQ, been playing it for hours and beyond, and think it is the best game of it’s genre even today.

Im glad to see that the developers are bounding with their fans at such a high level, taking feedback and showing us progress with pictures of their work allso letting us be apart of the birth of another amazing game! It’s rare to see, really!.

I wish i one day can work for a simular company as my intrests in game design in all it forms is my true passion and it is indeed interesting to follow their work.

Anyways just wanted to say HI! :smiley:

You should (joke) :smiley:
Yes i agree with you, TQ is a good game.

Of course, it´s very cool, that they are working on GD with this little Team.

Finaly welcome to the Forum :wink:

Welcome home Droppz,



Welcome to GD forum!
I love TQ too… :smiley: