Hi there grim dawners!
Playing gd for about a month and i think its a very good game.
I´m 40 years old and played the most rpg games since 1990.
My favorite games so far is skyrim , diablo 2 lod, and wow, well thats the games i spent most time in.
Right now i got a 35 lv commando and a 35 lv whitchblade, and a lv 19 blademaster.
im realy enjoying this game (maybe to much):wink:
Im from sweden
great to be here :smiley: cy

Welcome to the forums!

If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to state them here - though feedback wise it can be useful to do at least one full playthrough of the game to get more of an idea on the game.

Hello and welcome to the forum & Grim dawn!

I am happy to hear that you enjoy GD

If you got any questions or bugs that you want to report, read the forum and tell them so the Developers can take a loot at it :wink:

Welcome to Grim Dawn! I’m new too, but I’m having a great time with the game. I don’t know if I can answer any questions because I’m new. I’m. Glad your having fun with the game.:slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum hope you find it interesting and informative

Welcome to the forum.