Hello everyone, thought I would come by and say Hi and introduce myself a little bit.

My name is Brad and I am currently 22 years old and reside in Sumner, WA. I currently am going to school to get my associate’s degree in web development.

I have quite a bit of ARPG history, starting off with D2 and pretty have played everything in between. I love the feel of ARPG because I love loot and farming.

I have been playing D3 for awhile now pretty extensively and well I am just plain burnt out. The game has gotten old for me and just feels bland. So I went on the mighty quest of finding a replacement and it looks as if I have found the pot of gold.

I enjoy supporting companies whom and trying to make their debute by pushing out smaller titles and making a name for themselves. So I looked up some gameplay of GD and watched a little live stream of it and decided that I wanted to be apart of this pretty awesome group.

So that leads me here getting ready to get into the game and see what GD has to offer, knowing that this game is far from done and there is alot more to come hopefully it will keep me busy for awhile, while we wait for more content to rise up.

Anyway hope to make some friends here so when the MP comes out we can play, cant wait to start playing and meeting some new people.


Welcome to the forums Brad!

Grim Dawn is definitely turning out to be a good Arpg - and the next build B19 is coming out soon which will add some new challenges to the game.

Multiplayer will hopefully be seen sometime late in July while the main game’s release hopefully will be either late this year though more likely early next year.

No official release dates for either since game development can cause delays and the fans rage out at a missing release date.

Thanks Mask!!

Welcome to the game and forum. I may have not played D3 as much, but I agree same old stuff once you finish even with Rifts and Bounty’s. I think it boils down to the loot its relatively the same thing not much to build off/on. They are supposed to be releasing ladders/seasons so I guess I may have a look at that.