Help a newbie - Attributes Distribution

So after 30ish hours into the game, dozens of level 10-20 characters and investing all of my attributes points in spirit for my level 40 warlock, i finally realized how important having the right spread is, and investing 100% on a single stat will ruin everything later on. I fixed it with a trainer, but the experience was kinda spoiled for me, so i decided to drop my Warlock and start the game again. Now i’m going with a 2H Chaos/Vit damage Witchblade, however, i don’t how much exactly i should invest in Physique, or even if i have to invest anything at all in cunning in order to reach the Hit cap or be able to equip any gear i’d want on Endgame content. In short, attributes wise, i have no idea what i’m doing.

I haven’t found a good guide or tutorial on attributes/gear and caps, so i’m saving everything for later. I’m still on act1, but i don’t feel like it is the right way to play and i might get a bit hindered later on.

Please help. And sorry for my bad engrish.

There’s pretty much no reason to invest in Cunning and Spirit. The returns are too small to be worth it. You only need to put points in both of them to be able to equip the endgame items. And if you invest in the mastery bar enough, you don’t even need to put points in either of those two stats because you’ll have enough stats points from it.

Physique gives extra health and Defensive Ability which are a great help, specially in Ultimate.

As you can see, yeah, there’s a big imbalance between stats. They really need to make investing in Cunning and Spirit worth it.

Thanks for the clarification. Do you know where i can look up the the endgame spirit and cunning requirements?

Endgame Jewelry is 313 Spirit. Other requirements are dependent on your general build.

Putting points in the “1 to 50 bar” for each class, is probably more important and then adding a single point to the actual abilities you need.

A 25 bar for each class is the biggest boost to stats you could probably get and then focus down on Physique.

I find either of these methods are good: 10 points into spirit then just alternate 1:1 physique, cunning however depending on class you might not have enough physique to wear end game armor.

The other distribution I have gone to is 2-1-1, this worked well for my witch hunter and my elementilist.

Level 85 content complete Witch Hunter (plaguemancer)
Level 85 couldn’t kill Ultimate Log Warder (bleeder)
Level 58 Spell breaker (flash freeze- elite immune to cold slowing me down)
level 43 Elementilist (Bomberman- plowing through content)

For most characters I do all into physique except 10 points into the more important of spirit or cunning and 5 into the last. And I leave the last 5 points unspent.

Seems like this game is similar to D2 in terms of attribute distribution. All in life, because you will need it. With few expections of course. You should probably look up some guide about your build or any similar build, they usually explain things more specifically there.

Personally, I just save up all of my points and put them in to meet my requirements to equip my items.

Yep, that’s what I do too.

thx for the info :slight_smile: