Help appreciated

Ok, so here I come, several years later to finally check the expansion. I love Oathbreaker and really have fun with it. It is my very first character reaching level 100 and beating pretty much all the content. But… yeah. After TONS of hours of farming I still havent dropped the only mandatory item, Mythical Infernal Brimstone.
Guys, PLEASE, if any of you would have a spare one in your chest, I would give my right hand for it… Thanks in advance,

Your desperate Shieldbreaker

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best to post in one of these threads.

I have 6 legit ones. You can take whichever one you deem to be best rolled.

Don’t need anything in exchange since I use GDstash now.

P.S: Welcome to the forum

Hello and thanks A LOT. Now, a noob question - how to trade you? I am really sorry, I never ever played with anyone… Might you add me on Discord? Rabiatta #5787 there…