Help building around soulrend

I wanted to know if there were any builds for a blademaster built for soulrend. I am coming from a shield build. Any grimtools would be helpful!

just put some points into military conditioning, squad tactics, mehnirs will, max oleron and field of command

I have a strong, fun HC frostburn build here.

See thread:

there are some great comments in this thread by JoV, master of CDR and Ryzel, master of DoT.

Just saw that it is blademaster, sorry. The above comments apply, but you have to adjust for soldier vs arcanist. Ryzel has nice thread here:

if you simply adapt and go with:

you can have something similar. WIll have to adjust for some resist deficiencies, but should not be too hard. Sorry for odd grimtools, not sure how to use the tool for current build.

I recently built a spellbreaker around soulrend, that weapon is probably overpowered. My build was all about lethal assault + ss + scourge from scourge relic.