Help for a beginner needed

I started to play this game a week ago and now I came to a decision what type of character I want to build. I started with a warrior, now I am lvl 41 and I wandered what other class to pick. After some googling and youtubing I decided it will be a demolitionist to create a commando but I dont know what skills to develop. Until now I have a mono soldier hero at lvl 41 with a build of my own.

My gear:
Guardsman’s Hammer
Guardsman’s Defender
Brimstone Repeater
Shaman’s Fleshwarped Casque of Spellweaving
Tough Fleshwarped Pauldrons Of The Eagle
Shaman’s Fleshwarped Platemail Of Trauma
Paladin’s Hinterland Handguards
Legplates of Valor
Dreadnought Footpads
Marauder’s Ammo Belt

(Sorry, can’t post links)

The last location I’ve opened is Darkvale Gate and I’m dyiyng too much on Normal dificulty. Where am I wrong and how to fix it?

It is hard to know without seeing your build, devotions, etc. Are you keeping your resistances maxed? You should not be suffering many deaths on Normal mode - you likely need to adjust skill allocation, devotions or gear setup.

If you can fill this in with where you are at we may be able to offer some advice:

Just look up a commando build in builds section of these forums.

Which is here

I filled in a grimcalc but cant post links for now because I haven’t writed 3 posts yet.

Here it is:

Got it. What type of build are you looking for? I see you are using brimstone repeater, but you have points in both the Forcewave line and Cadence. Are you looking to be ranged, 2H melee or 1H melee? If you have a rough idea I can point you in the right direction, because your points are spread around and not meshing well with the current setup. For example, that weapon converts to fire damage but you have no skills that support that to increase damage.

I wouldn’t personally recommend Forcewave, but to each their own.

I want to be 1h melee (sword and shield) combined with range atack (pistol or rifle). I dont care about the points, if needed I can drop them off. That build I saw in youtube, in those series but they are unfinished

and also watched this one

Some of the clips in the second playlist are removed so I’m not sure if I didn’t missed something important. All the items I wear are drops from monsters I killed. I think its time to craft but dont know what.

There is actually a bulid guide in the Compendium that is perfect for you:

Should have all the info you need. I think You are going to want to go with Firestrike for the build you are describing. There is one change since this build was posted - the Firestrike line now requires some additional points if you are going 1H vs 2H, so you will have to reallocate some of the points in this GrimCalc to make it work more effectively. Points are thin in this build, but you might steal a couple from Explosive Strike, Field Command or Squad Tactics.

As far as gearing goes, make sure you are checking gear from the different faction vendors. If this is your first character you may just have to wait for some drops and do a bit of farming. Make sure you reputation scroll from the faction vendors asap. You might also check the blacksmith to see if you can craft any components to cover resistances and such.