Help for New Player wtih broken Commando build

Hello guys, first of all sorry for bad eng.
I have a problem with my build, i was looking for 2h rifle build bcs i like it. I found some Sh** build and I realize dat build is outdatet. Can u give me some strong builds ?

This is a site:

I think its outdatet bcs of devotion build, it just didnt match. I was use " Rifle Commando (Soldier + Demolitionist)"

welcome to the forum!
if you’re looking for some strong ranged builds, check out this: [] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

Thanks for build but still my friend im already 27 sold + demo, and I think what can I do to save this character.

if you wanna play a Commando, it’s better go sth like this: [ -] (2H Melee) World On Fire - Fire FW Commando [c] [sr]
it’s the best Commando build so far and in general Commando is not a ranged class.

Oof:(( well at this point i see i must change for 2h melee:(