Help improving 2H witch hunter

So i made this witch hunter which is heavily inspired from the excellent build from Avatar of Dreeg (

Overall i love this build. Very fun to play. Facetanking fabius and moo is no problem (pop a freeze resist pot first with moo). Have yet to try other nemesis encounters but i recon most, if not all, is doable. Super heroes will most likely one shot me though :wink:

The only problem with the build is that its a bit weak. Especially with armour and absorb. So, if anyone have any ideas of how to improve please let me know.

Ok, so what you basically did is adapt a 2h rifle build into a 2h SS-CDR build. This is not a bad idea, but there are some important things that will work against you, such as:

  1. P-Blades have inherent Attack Damage Converted to Health (ADctH). You have none expect for Twin Fangs (and Nightfall)
  2. P-Blades pierce…Shadow Strike doesn’t. Sure, there is a small AoE on Nightfall, but it is very weak as a whole.
  3. Focused Gaze DEE reduces physical damage so it counterbalances the fact that you have poor medium armour. You have zero points in DEE.
  4. You will take a lot more damage by going into melee range. Every exploding enemy that does physical damage will hurt a lot, for example.

Given these important differences I have my doubts that you can finish Gladiator Crucible reliably with a 2h Shadow Strike CDR build. If you want that playstyle, 2h Soulrend Spellbreaker works better because you have more CDR, a weapon with ADctH on it (Soulrend) and at least 3 seconds of invulnerability. Still, improving your chances of survival can be elevated and here are my recommendations:

  1. Subtract the points from Solael’s Witchfire. Your damage output scales with CDR, not attack speed. Flat chaos damage from Possession is enough and your main focus is acid/cold, not chaos. People take SW usually on “attack speed builds”, which this one clearly isn’t.
  2. Take at least 1 point into DEE and Focused Gaze. This will reduce the damage you take by a considerable amount.
  3. Take the points out of ABB to 9/12 (so just one point, the rest is done by gear). Put them into Ring of Steel and Circle of Slaughter at 8/12. Fumble is very important for your survival, especially if you can maintain your DA high enough. The rest of the points should be put in Shadow Dance for extra DA and Dodge/Deflect.
  4. Replace the boots. The reason I took those boots on a ranged build is simple: they provide entrapment resistance. If you go into melee range, Mythical Golemborn might do more for you due to the extra armour on the proc. An Ancient of Kings or Stonehide of Kings could also work better.
  5. Replace the helm with a Voice of Dreeg and craft it at Angrim or Kaylon.

Many thanks for the input. I will overhaul my build according to your changes =)

So after the update i tried crucible. Managed to get to 135 on gladiator. And thats without any banners or buffs (except freeze resist when needed). Quite happy about that actually.

So here’s the new build. Feel free to improve if you see anything crazy…