Help me chose a build that would be viable from start to end-game

Hi, my typical playstyle in other games is melee or melee combined with spells. I like “holy builds” like Paladins/Templars etc. and builds that are gishes, more like warrior/wizards etc.

I like to put some buffs and bascially spam 1-3 skills that wins map for me :).

Any recommendations?

Have a look in the Build Compendium

Plenty of builds in there including beginner ones that’ll do the job.

If you want easy to play & consistently strong, I can recommend some form of 2h Forcewave spammer as a decent option (worked for me in AoM, at least) :slight_smile:

You can play Templar or Paladin, although don’t know if they suits you. For example fire Aegis of Menhir Paladin is very cool build. Aegis is shield throw, you can add Vires might for mobility. So Shield thrower and skateboarder in one build :slight_smile:

Ofc Forcewave, especially physical can be good from the beginning to the end.

I would prefer something that hits some AOE skill or two as main source of it’s damage output. I am kind of lazy :smiley:

my fav builds in Diablo 3 was spin to win barbarian, Laser Archon (before nerf) and then Invoker Crusader.

So some AOE or Cone spell or AOE melee attack spam would be best.

If you like laser Archon try Lightning Albrecht Ray Mage Hunter. You can follow the guide here - ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

I rolled an (almost) self-found fresh Mage Hunter and now I’m lvl 100 in Act IV ultimate and it is a breeze and fun.

Seems like Lighting Ray build was removed? Do you have another link to it?

Unfortunately malawiglenn deleted his guide. But I have a copy of it in PDF format. I hope he will not mind if I attach it here (otherwise I can delete it)

AAR Mage Hunter (1).zip (565.8 KB)

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