Help me get a pig to play Yackety Sax!

Okay, I’m at my wits end… I’ve tried everything except whatever works. Tried putting the sound pak in Ambient and in Music under Monster Parameters but neither worked. Copied the Warden’s own music file and replaced it with it and nope. Copied the Warden, nope. Tried making it a proper ogg. Still nope… The goal here is to have a summonable pig play Yackety Sax but it’s not. It works when set to the skill sound though, but doesn’t stop when the pig kills over. So, how does the Music under Monster Parameters work? Does it need a special zone to trigger? If so, what can I use to get this porkchop playing?:confused: The pig needs Yackety Sax, neeeds it. Otherwise it’s just a brightly colored circus pig and the Arlequin mastery is like 90% funny sounds.

To get that to work you’d have to classify your pet as boss and give it a boss music.

Then you need to paint a bosslayer on the entire worldmap as the music only plays inside this layer and inside the set radius around your pet.

See 1.13.4 Boss Layer

Aw, I was afraid that was going to be it : \ Any way I could get it working on Ambient?

I have no idea what a Yackety Sax is but I’m intrigued.

Have you considered slicing it up (the piece, not the pig) and feeding the different sound files to movement/footstep/aware/attacking sounds of the pet’s character sounds?

I thought of it, but then it’d play oddly I’d think, broken up since it’s a song. If I can’t get the full song to play in Ambiance somehow… i ^i may have to scrap the rodeo pig. I’ll tear apart some other ambiance file and see how they work I guess.

Check the source for Underlord

Munderbunny did it for a pet that spawned from a ring, iirc, that was unlocked through those good old TQ unlock codes. The music followed the pet everywhere it went.

You could simply give the pig an aliveSound under Monster Parameters. It will automatically loop the music and ensure the sound will end once the creature dies. The catch is that the sound needs to be in mono or else you will have a problem hearing the song over the entire map.

-edit- This method would be good if you wanted to make it seem like the music is coming from the pig.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I wholeheartedly support everything you’re doing to my dying breath.

I’ll look into this. Thanks :smiley:

I thiiink I tried this, but I’ll give it another go - I’m thinking maybe I didn’t… If this works that’d be great :smiley:

-edit- 1000 points to you Sir! I, in fact, did NOT try alive sound, it turns out, for soOome reason. It works perfectly. Thanks to you we all have a spotted clown pig playing Yackety Sax in our future!