Help me make my Purifier Great Again

What do you guys think? I can solo Lokar no problem. Can do SR 65/66 runs with the occasional drop due to an unbeatable boss.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Weird choice of weapon considering you have like 0 retaliation damage. Wouldn’t desolator the faction rifle be way better here?

You need to get higher armor absorb and resistances overcaps to survive certain bosses.

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Drop Hyrian constellation, figure out a way to get both Solael’s Witchblade and Viper. You need more Ugdenbog Leathers for bleed resist so you can get rid of Silk Swatch in pants and get more armor absorption. 4 more points in Vindictive Flame for attack speed, 1 more in blast shield for the +1 max resist. Would drop Grenado entirely and get flashbang, the fumble will help your survivability.


Thanks I’ll look into desolator.

Hmm choose Grenado because of the buff from my hands and weapon. If I go Desolator will probably go flash bang for sure.

So Some follow up. I tried Desolator and Flash Bang.

Really helped my Spirit usage, no need at all for spirit potions.
Gave a huge bost to my % defences. put me easly into +20% on most of my stats.

Huge Drop in DPS both by official stats and real life kills (mad queen, lokkar, 50SR speed runs).
Really miss +2 to all inquisitor skill levels.

" 4 more points in Vindictive Flame for attack speed**" my attack speed is alreay 200% (I know grim tools does not show this I have above average +speed)**

you do not have solael witchfire or viper either. Resistance reduction is big source of damage.

You can look here for inspiration [ -] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

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Frist off. Thanks!

This build is WAY better than mine. I down loaded it and it is amazing!

I have questions.

Why use blood Sygil medal as opposed to myth proclasms mark?

Why let your pierce and poison sit at only +5% when ather is +52%? Is it not better to get poison and pierce up to +15%ish and let ather drop a bit?

Seriously amazing toon.

Ask the author of the build.

But just as you mentioned various rolls of attack speed, resistances have rolls too…

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