Help me to defeat Alkamos

Hi there,

I am trying to farm the Steps of Torments for high end legendary items, but I can’t defeat Alkamos. I can clear the whole dungeon without too much problem, and Moosi is going down as well, eventhough I have to kite is second form quite a lot.

Here is my current build

I tried to follow Sir Spank’s build (also taking Fluff’s suggestions into account). I tried to focus on chaos because I have more flat damage in chaos than Fire, but the weapons are more fire oriented so maybe it was a mistake. I do have good dps, but that bastard is hitting me to hard for me to tank him.

Anyway, I want to optimize the build for cleaning dungeon full of undead, I should probably change the devotion setup quite a lot (I am still playing around with it). Here are my first ideas, please comment on it:

  1. Revenant should be mandatory for that, because of racial bonus, right?
  2. Should I also try to fit another Sanctified bone in head?
  3. Would Empyrion light make a good difference?
  4. Maybe I can sacrifice some aether resist in this particular dungeon, to get more of… what?

I know that some of my gears are not BiS, unfortunately I need to farm for better. I also do not have all recipes yet. If you see faction items which I can benefit, please let me know!

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

Alkamos deal cold and physical damages…he use a teleport skill (2 sec delay) which Reduced target’s Defensive Ability and Health too…so, try to avoid the teleport and the first touch, you get 2 sec to deal damages and run until the next teleport…it’s a bit “hit and run” cuz you need better gear but the fight isn’t difficult :wink: good luck (don’t try to tank or he will use a skill to reduced all resistances on you)
(sorry, my english is really bad :slight_smile: )

Skills for Alkamos, Lord Executioner

I´d recommend a Hoarfrost Ointement for this boss. So he can not freeze you. That makes a huge difference. Otherwise the fight is simple: Don´t run too far away or he will shadowstrike you, just move out of his blue soup, not too far.
The blue soup does vitality dmg i think, not sure actually.

Be patient and do not try to zerg him down, hit and run is safer.

Ok, thank you all for the input.

So basically, I will patch resistances, and test devotion some more. And be more carefull with Alkamos, as it seems there is no magic trick against him.

Hopefully, I will get better gears soon! I currently run Arkovian Undercity and Steps of Torments, which gives me 2 Treasure Troves, 1 Nemesis and a rogue-like dungeon per run. I should get something usefull soon! :rolleyes:

Killing Moose, but not Alkamos, omg.

You have issues with defensive ability, armor and hp. For armor, improving absorbtion should help even if you can’t get more of it for now. You can do that wih components in armor. Common minimum DA is 2700, you should try to push yours a little higher.

You are not using flashbang? Put a point in it and in searing light, relocate them from any skill you consider less important, I suggest possession. Fumble is a strong defense mechanic, and everything else it has will help you.

If you can’t facetank him (looks like you can’t), hit and run, and max your freeze resist for that. Hoarfrost potion can do it without further effort

I have Revenant (except the last node) on all my chars, just because I love to kill Alkamos. Apart from more damage to him, you have 10% dmg reduction too (which will stack multiplicative with Possession 0.86*0.9 = 0.774 so 22.6% damage reduction in total.

He is using BWC which reduces OA, so perhaps that can save him from being crit by Alkamos?

For hit and run tactics, chaos is not a good damage typ because there is not DoT to it. Perhaps he could increase burn damage a bit?

You can kill Alkamos and most of the Vanilla content easily with <2300 DA.

Alkamos hits hard with low resists and the freeze effect can bring you down pretty fast.

Try spamming Flashbang with 10/10 Searing Light and avoid the Dreadfire procs (pool on the ground). Boost your resistances. Use Curse of Frailty for the -RR. You are missing out on a huge amount of dmg. In general, your skilldistribution is a bit out of place, imo (also, I don’t like the Dying God variant of this build that much, but it works just fine I guess).

With full gear he should die within 10 secs as dw chaos Pyro, but you are missing a lot of gear and I haven’t played fire Pyro in ages.

Increase your Stun Resist, Alkamos fires something like lightning that stuns you.

He ain’t that hard if you know how he works.

—> There are other bosses harder than Alkamos… Especially IRON MAIDEN!

Alkamos does mostly cold:
-teleport: cold + a small % health reduction + phys 2s CD
-AoE : cold/dot + bit more %hr + -140 DA -> this would be the blue pools, I think.
-special melee: cold + freeze ±33RR + phs + large %hr 4sCD
-regular melee: phys, fairly small cold ~2apr
-long range: cold + freeze + slow 6sCD
(I looked it up on GD database- because I don’t remember his teleport as the skill shadowstrike with a stun…buI could be wrong)

*So Freeze protection and cold protection are your best bets. As mentioned, there is a potion for freeze resit. Plus there are jelly potions for extra regen if you want time to play around and learn a bit of Alkamos or you need a bit of offset to dying god + kite. Hungering void on your build drains 100 hp/second and Alkamos has 80% leech resist.

There is also a cheap homestead potion that adds a little DA and armor- but I think your current armor is ok: With only 76% absorption, you will take ~25% of whatever phys he does, minus phys resist, then absorption %… so maybe 250 phys per regular melee hit until ghoul and stuff kicks in, then < half that – which seems ok for now. It would be a bit more if he has hit you with his -33 rr to all.

Finally, another useful potion is the sithblood tincture from devils crossing. In a tight spot that gives 75% fumble to an opponent for 2s…often enough time and miss chance to get out of a bad spot. But as previously suggested in this thread, I will highlight that 6/10 searing light (flashbang) gives 29% chance fumble for 5s…which is pretty good with 1s CD.

The trouble with the Darkblaze pyro, is that half of that build is the end-game items.

But even so, you should be fine, if you first gulp a potion or two before engaging, then put down some BWC and mines asap upon engagement which should kick on Hungering void, and let rip. Move out of the blue pools.

If, for some reason, that doesn’t work – then stutter-step if he hits too hard or if you need to give yourself some regen time (especially if ghoul is the near end of its proc time). Avoid running in the pools.

Thanks again for all your comments.

Based on what you said, I designed 2 builds. I tried to focus back on Fire damage devotion-wise for more DoTs, and tried to include Flashbang (and decreased the mine and blastshield in this purpose). The first build is more OA centered, while the second gets more DA. Both have the same equipment, where I tried to patch up res (but could not cap them, I really need better gears). Second is maybe more balanced, but first has freeze reduction thanks to Sailor’s guide.

I might be more tanky, but lose some dps on paper. I still need to check them in-game to see if this is relevant.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: just realized that resistances in 2nd are not very good, but this could be arranged easily by swapping some augments I think.

Don’t forget to cap armor absorb: @ 76%, that’s way WAY too low!

yeah, why would you drop your resistance for a damage type you won’t see at all in the place you want to clear for anything, least of all better defenses in other areas?

In a related story, I made sure to cap out my tiger mauling insurance and buy a crate of shark repellant. Can’t be too careful in the middle of minnesota!

I have overcapped Aether res by 42% for SoT just in case you know :wink:

Can’t remember which state it was, but there was a US state that at least had a law that prohibited the fishing of whale, without having any coastline. So it seems you really can’t be careful enough with being preemptive. :wink:
So why not max Cold resistance in the middle of fiery beasts? One could have mistaken its surroundings and type and be confused about which damage type to use. :rolleyes:

It’s actually not that easy to defeat (or defend against) enemies like Alkamos. He can deal literally any damage type because he can wield a weapon. If he rolls chaos conversion in his weapon, and your chaos resistance is low, you’ll be annihilated anyway. Not to mention, he can roll %HP damage in his weapon and, along with his skills, it can shred even over 50% of your current HP in one hit (add the non-% damage to that, if your defense isn’t as high, you die in a split second).

Alkamos is, most likely, the strongest regular boss in the game because he can shred you no matter your resists, in some cases. Surely, overcapped cold resist will help a lot, freeze resist to that, but you can still suffer hard.

Thanks to all your advices, I was finally able to kick his butt, and quite easily!
The build I use is like this now. Main difference was spamming Flashbang to his face, and being more careful: kiting often with little steps, just to avoid the blue pool. Also, I feel that I crit much more (and more strongly) thanks to the high OA, which I think compensate a lot for the loss of sheet DPS. On the first kill, he gave me a nice Mythical Handguards of Justice,so it was worth it! :smiley:

Now I need to farm components for crafting more Skeleton keys, 'cause I quite like farming in rogue dungeons (more than in Crucible - personal preference).

I still have lot of space for improving the build I think!

Congratulations, always nice to see the advice of experienced players on here lead to success. :slight_smile:

Nice, glad the advice helped.

As for improving the build, well … imo Purifier is the new and imroved version of the Pyromancer, so short of rerolling, I don´t know how to improve the build. I tried a Pyromancer with the new set (forgot the name), but compared to a Purifier build if just feels clunky. But hey, if it works for you, yay! ;D

No doubt about the strength of the Purifier. Dagallon guns are amazing, and Akdong build is a monster. They are probably better gunslinger than Pyromancer.

But I disagree with you on the Pyro: I think Darkblaze set is more than decent and should not be ashamed of its performance. In my case, I guess improving means farming better gears.

For sure I will level a Purifier one day, when I will have time :). This Pyro is my very first toon, and I want to push it as much as possible. He is not retired yet.

Not yet in Ultimate. Indeed, I was wondering where those spare points came from? Hidden path will gives me one, but the second one??? I am not sure also where the spare Attribute point comes from.