Help me with this build pls

According to this video

what item or what skill make the effect of fire surrounding and fire ball ( ? ) while he is spinning , more over i’m new for grim dawn , just wonder how do you the skill prioritie is each build , cuz almost of them are endgame build

Thx all guys


There are plenty of builds for beginners in the build compendium, check them out! :slight_smile:

It looks like its soulfire from Eye of Reckoning and the eye of sethris proc from the ring. Also the light of empyrion is the “spotlight” comming from the sky that you see when he gets hit now and then.

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Wow, I checked all skills granted by items that you cast manually but I see procs can look awesome as well.

@malawiglenn And also Eye of Korvaak from its devotion or it’s something very similarly looking? [in the video, not in the picture]

yeah eye of korvaak devo proc also adds to this “swirl” of “fire”