Help my stash is gone!

Not sure if this the best place for this post, but Ithought I’d try here first.

So I heard about quest bugs messing up people’s characters and decided to back up everything to my hard drive. After copying the files from Steam, I then disabled cloud synchronization and cloud saving.

Everything was backed up to my PC, and I thought it was all good. Unfortunately, my stash is now empty and the extra tabs that I purchased gone. It’s as if had never played the game…

As I have put over 1000 hours into the game, to say that I’m upset is an understatement.

Can anyone out there point me to an explanation, or even better, a solution?

BTW, I have tried re-enabling cloud saving and synchronization in Steam, as well as reinstalling the game. The characters seem fine, and blueprints and map progression are current.

If you have followed these steps How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location. there should not have this problem occur

Make sure that the Cloud Save is set in the Steam client AND the Grim Dawn game.

There are two toggles. I highly recommend they stay in sync.

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So maybe disabling the sync caused it? I don’t suppose there are periodic server side backups…

No closed servers so no.