Help on a Blademaster

Hi everyone,

I theorycrafted and tried this Blademaster build :


I usually do the following : one Cronley’s Run, one Warden’s run, one Master of Flesh Run and I finish with Lokarr.

Then, I can have a good feeling of the build, meet some Nemesis on the road if lucky and notice its strengths and weaknesses.

This build really surprised me. It went really very well for the runs, seemed solid with decent damage but I literally got rekt by Lokarr. My expectations were absolutely not met. Usually, you know before hand if Lokarr will be possible or not; I thought it would be another good build with easy Lokarr clear, under the minute. It isn’t.

Any thoughts on how to enhance the build ? Dual Wield isn’t my forte.

From what I just read a few minutes ago, for Lokarr you probably need your fire and lightning resists overcapped by another 35%ish. 12K health looks kinda low for a BM as well…

I like the build though! Acid damage focused? Please tell me more. I have some derelict blademasters between 12-60…

this build is in a mess…

1- what type of dmg you wanna scale, we should discuss that first?

pierce? your weps has no pierce conversion or flat pierce, most your items lacking flat pierce and dmg source aswell… you cant scale pierce dmg by just taking dual blades and your itemization… and if you wanna play pierce&acid hybrid whunter is better and there are a lots of better items around, and you sit around %1200 pierce dmg which is meh

acid? you didnt take rumor devotion? vitrolic gallstone component is better than new components for acid dmg aswell, also malediction performs better than nidalla relic but nidalla offers +1 skill and crit so i am ok with that.

2- why you have menhirs will on dual wield build?

3- why break morale when you have really super low phys dmg? it also overrides manticore acid spray which is bad.

4- you have low aspeed more pts to squad tactics, get 12 pts in fighting form it really helps aeo, stop olerons at 12 pts you have no bussiness with int trauma, i get it you convert it to psn but w/e meh to me vs merciless reportoire…

5- i see you want to mix phys and acid but this itemization is kinda poor choice… and it will never deal good dmg…

6- lethal ass + cadence synergy is actually awfull playstyle smoothness wise, id drop lethal or dont know depends on what you want…

i hope this helps, and if you really wanna work on acid+phys or make it cool build with that wep you might consider absolution set, which is empowered version of perdition… bunch of acid dmg and retel oriented… maybe that set is more suited your phys + psn idea and reteliation bonuses are welcomed…

  1. Essentially acid>phys. Pierce is 80% converted (WPS).
    I couldn’t fit Rumor with Tainted Eruption and Giant+Ghoul.
    Vitriolic is indeed a bit better.
  2. Indeed. I just forgot to take the point off.
  3. I didn’t know that. I thought not, as break Morale is physical specific and Acid Spray is all res.
  4. Good point on Oleron. Fighting form doesn’t seem that great though (only bleeding) ?
  5. ? I’m open to your propositions. I really don’t see some better options.
  6. Not smooth indeed and I don’t like it on a melee build (clicking every 4 seconds) but 150 OA and good flat acid damage is hard to pass on (?)

NB: the set you’re talking about is lvl 65 only … ?

Thanks for having taken time to analyse my build.