Help SR60+ : Vitality WH & Burn Templar

Hi there,

Really trying to push SR with my vitality Demonslayer Witchhunter but it’s proving to be quite difficult. Really just looking for pointers.
SR65 is where it really falls apart, the damage spikes are just too high.

Witchhunter Grimtools:

Same with Fire/Burn Vanquisher Templar, need some new insights!

Templar Grimtools:


Demonslayer should do SR 75, although you miss few important things, outside of Wendigo you have no leech, you can add 2 out of 3, either Scales and drop Revenant, Bat, which is mandatory, I would say and Ghoul. Also DA needs to be improved, some of the gear, like this medal is subpar.

Also you have 4 points over the cap on PB, three more attribute points, you get incorrect build message in GT. You probably gave yourself 3 extra points in attribute over skill points in GD stash. Also Blade Spirits are good in your build, work on getting them at 24/16 for extra summon, Reaper pants can help you with that. And slight boost to DA will help you too.

Templar I have build like this and is fairly squishy in SR. But with kiting SR 65 is possible. So kiting , combined with Blazeseer ring for conversion and different Bat procer should help you.

Thanks for the feedback, will most definitely try to correct these. As for the GD stash, haven’t used that in years, so I guess I screwed up somewhere. I assume I need to remove these extra points in GD stash?

Thanks again!

Also, I used Grasp of the Dead in the past but it got heavily nerfed. Is the Contagion BiS or should I be on the lookout for something else?
And thank you, by making those devotion changes I was able to easily blast through SR 65.

I recommend respeccing into physical AAR Templar. Build is an absolute beast:

It’s not cheap to assemble but quite realistic. And absolutely worth it.

Alright I’ll take a look at that Templar, thank you :slight_smile: