Help with build.

I’m wanting to do a build focused on Grasping Vines, as it is my favorite skill. However, I worry, from what I read, that leaving it as is will hurt it’s viability late game. I’m thinking of using IEE and conversion to convert it to Elemental damage and to add Burn, Frostburn, Electrocute etc. to keep it relevant vs a greater number of foes. Finally, I wish to use weapons with proc’ skills and conversion to take advantage of Grasping Vines propensity for proc’ing.

However, being new to the game, I’m not entirely sure how to go about this, or what to do on the devotion tree, though I’ve been looking at skills like Aetherfire, Eldritch Fire, and Elemental Seeker, though I know Rend is a staple.

Any ideas on how to take this idea and make it workable would be appreciated. Alternately, if this build is totally trash and impossible to make work in the current system, do let me know so I won’t waste any more time on it. :slight_smile:

Alternately, if there is a better source of information than this site’s guide and the wiki, which isn’t linked in the stickied topics, let me know of it so I can do my own research.

Grasping vines is a utility skill only and will not work as a primary damage source (beyond normal difficulty). Also for the flat elemental/ dot damages from iee to apply to something it must have % weapon damage.

That’s vexing. It’s one of the best handling skills in this game, imo, as too many suffer from having oppressively small radii, recharge times, energy costs, targeting, etc. It’s also odd, as the tooltip ingame shows Grasping Vines acquiring elemental damage (fire, lightning; cold) when IEE is up. Perhaps a bug?

I was hoping, with a sufficiently tuned build, it could do as much damage as it does at level three if you beeline it and dump all your points in to it (one-shoting everything is quite satisfying), even if it wasn’t optimal.

Thank you so much for your reply. I greatly appreciate it.

You can still use Grasping Vines later into the game as a good CC. The damage might fall off but it’s hardly useless. As for IEE, it’s not a bug. Note that he mentioned the flat values (i.e. 10 elemental damage, 13 frostburn over 2 seconds) don’t get applied. These will only apply to attacks or spells with a %Weapon Damage component in them. IEE also gives you X% physical converted to elemental which is what you are seeing.

If you supplement Grasping Vines with the Elemental Storm (Rhowan’s Crown) devotion then it will be a great source of damage early (maybe into Elite) and excellent CC/Resistance reduction later. You will need to start thinking of another skill to complement it through Elite though. Preferably a good single target spell/attack since your AoE will be pretty decent.

Would the DoTs from Overload still apply?

I’ve just seen builds on here that use BWC as a primary skill in Ultimate (they use a different skill for bosses, of course), so I figured there must be some sort of way to get Grasping Vines to that level. I was thinking I could use conversion to change Grasping Vines physical to something else and then stack damages until it did sufficient damage, supplemented by procs.

If this is not the case, what would you recommend? I’m liking my Druid, but I can reroll if needed, as I’m only level 14.

The reason BWC works there where grasping vines doesnt isnt because it is elemental damage - it is because it is only limited by cast speed so chucking out 2+ bwcs per sec is very doable. Grasping vines has a cooldown so it doesnt stack fast enough. Druid is definitly doable as a combo with multiple ways to approach it (skyshard, totems, or primal strike spring to kind) but grasping vines will never be more than a utility skill reguardless of build.

Multiple casts of rend will not do anything aside from prolonging the debuff so assign falcon to it instead. Put rend on devouring swarm and you have a decent bleed build with an obscene amount of slow. However the skill itself will never be anything more than trash disposal.