Help with Duel-Wielding Melee Pyromancer

Hello there, I’m after a Hand with my Melee Pyromancer I have been building for a couple of Months now (I play slow), this is my First High level character I have achieved, I have completed all the bosses in the base game however, I had to beat Logherran by using Maxed out Hellfire Mines and there add on, while hiding, it was not very fun.

I’m after some help on how I can make this build work, so that I can run in and smash face with it.

The original Idea was to be a Duel Wielding build using Fire Strike and Flame Torrent with Lifesteal, but as I can atest, I have died… Alot… Im almost at End Game and would appericate some help in finishing my build.

The Gear I planned on using was a Grim Fate and Pagar’s Betrayel, for my Main weapons.

Build Link:

I have a dw pyro that used to wield 2x grim fates, used Chaos strike to tele around like Shadow strike, and had a ton of meteor and other fire procs, that I absolutely loved before the expansion.

Since then I have lvled him and am trying to get him stronger. He is in a state of flux as I theorycraft different gear and specs. Here are some of the versions of him I have theorized (I have guns on weapon switch, but click the swap button and look at the swords instead):

Take a look at those for some suggestions (I went mostly chaos), but as to yours I will say a few things:

  • Why full abomination for all that psn dmg? And why fox?
  • You seem to be moving in the right direction with skills and gear. If you can, craft a Korvaak’s Deception for an additional, or alternate gap closer + great stats, and keep looking for chaos or fire gear while keeping your defenses up.

Thanks, Ill have a look thought them.

I was finding the Abomination tainted eruption was a really good massive AoE CC ability and since its on my curse of frailty it was going off regularly, as for the fox, its more for a bit of cunning and 5 green points.

Try this