help with endgame conjurer build version

hi there … im a huge fan of all pet guru’s at this forum… this is my grimtools link im from cuba … so my internet its bad tell me if you can see it right … i want your opinion on my conjurer build … now im playing i heard that its very good for pet summoners because of the WD added to the pets skills and pet mastery individual skill … but i dont really understand why … i have read all the threads about builds … it was very useful … i understand the importance of flat damage … but i dont understand its relationship with WD … i’ve been able to pass must of AoM content … including all the instances and bosses/nemesis … but the superbosses like ravager mogdrogen and gladiator 150-170 … i only was able to do the ravager … mine is the ravager of minds so a huge bleed damege therefore the dryad constellation … i know you are very busy… but if u find a time to answer me … it would be very useful … i want your insight about my current build … how to change it in and some tips about playstyle because i think im not doing something right … i’ve tried must of the build of the thepowerofmediocrity pet megathread… i could not do the ravager with any of them … i needed to make one of my one … i thinks this is because poor playstyle … regarding equipment … feel free to include anything except MI … i have every pet legendary … epic item in this game … well thanks in advance and looking forward to see more of your insights of this wonderful game