Help with key bindings

I am currently playing a 2-Handed Forcewave character, and I would like some advice on piloting the character.

I’m new to using the force-move command, and I know it gives some finer control for your character, but I can’t find a satisfying combination for my skills.

I also can’t decide if “classic casting” is best for forcewave or if I should use the new method. Most ranged attacks in the game just fire in a direction and keep going, but forewave is noticeably shorter ranged than most abilities.

I’ve tried a few different setups, and wanted to know what setup some of the more experienced players use and find gives them the most control in dangerous situations.

Nothing I’ve tried feels quite right and I can’t get the responsiveness I want.

I’ve use the following:

LMB: Force-move
RMB: Forcewave

LMB: Forcewave
RMB: Force-move

I’ve tried both with classic AND with new casting option. I’ve noticed that if you have a skill in the LMB, and forcemove in the RMB slot, pressing shift while moving with RMB will cast your LMB skill! I don’t know if anyone else has learned this, but it’s pretty cool.

Anyway, thanks for any suggestions you guys might have.

I bind the upper most key ‘`’ on my keyboard (next to ‘1’) to forcemove and I generally use that for moving 90% of the time. That way I can keep my fingers near my skills, pot etc. RMB Forceweave, LMB Blitz. I’ve alternative bound move to the middle mouse button incase I need my left hand for other things but its not ideal holing the button and moving the mouse at the same time.

In most of my ranged, AoE spam caster (Forcewave, Calidor Tempest, etc.) or pet builds I bind “move to” command to LMB and main skill (or “pet attack”) to RMB. This way there’s no need for ever holding forced move or forced attack key. Movement is always forced and attacks are always stationary. There’s no fear of misclicking and attacking when you wanna move or moving when you wanna attack.

In ranged piano builds I sometimes bind mobility skill to LMB which has a similar effect: LMB becomes “move to” during the mobility skill’s cooldown.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I went with keeping classic casting on, but I’ll use the RMB for Forcewave. The move to command is really useful for re-positioning, it just is taking a lot of getting used to because of muscle memory from Diablo 2.