Help with Kubacabra Boss

How does one get through it? He deals a lot of damage and is very high levelled at level 67 whilst I am level 62. He also kills my skeletons and summons very fast, and it looks like it heals really quickly. Is there some sort of gimmick or something to defeat it?

See Tips for Kupacabra for some tips.

So should I reroll a new char? I dont really understand how to defeat him, since my summons just get dunked by him and his health just regens super fast. other than the pet attack thing i cant really move them out of the way unless I am doing something very wrong.

You better wait for fix, Kupa is getting a nerf soon.

Unfortunate that I have to stop playing cuz of this D:. I read up more that pet builds have no hope of defeating him and that he spawns randomly. oh well.

Because of 1 nemesis, you have to stop playing? Just don’t fight him. Avoid the areas he spawns to make sure he doesn’t, or just hope he doesn’t. Hit escape and exit if you get stuck in battle with him. Log back in, and he won’t likely be there.

I will try this, where he spawned was in the entrance to Ugdenbog which pretty much locked that area from me.

he should be the easiest nemesis because most people are going to be nemesis with beasts in elite and nothing else. His breath does not need to do an entire HP bar worth of damage (wtf crate) along with the melee charge for 2-6k. And the splitting on top of that. I can’t imagine doing this on a non-tank melee in elite.

With a pet build atm you have to run away while your pets do what damage they can otherwise the vitality damage pools will just heal him/wreck your pets.

edit: If you can manage to separate the first two spawns it gets a lot easier.

Managed to get through to the next portal by save scumming. What is annoying is that it seems that the more pets I bring, the more health he regenerates from his breath and pools, almost making me respec into a damage spell and a super buffed suicide fiend to damage him. I haven’t been playing for long so I don’t know if I am doing something wrong.

That is incorrect. He is difficult, but not impossible. Just keep your pets out of the red.