Help with leveling build Blade Master

Although it might be a bit premature, I’m looking for some help making my second leveling experience a bit easier. This time a Pierce/Bleeding Blademaster. I’ve been following bits and pieces of guides along with my own wishes so far, but I’m having some trouble with survivability against tanky hard hitters.

Build as of now:

I’m aiming to be a rootin’ tootin’ deleting’ Assassin character that uses its skillset to expertly murder groups and single targets fast and efficiently. For this I’ll want to use pierce/bleeding as my main damage sources and have a couple of active skills to deal with any kind of situation (instead of only holding LMB, standing still and facetanking). My next constellation will therefore be Blades of Nadaan.

Other than that, I’m mainly focussing on Nightblade. Am I on the right path and are there any wrong choices that can be improved upon?

Have you seen this guide, by @Stupid_Dragon?

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That’s actually the main guide I’m taking inspiration of :slight_smile:

Good to know. You said guides but you did not mention which. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first character (just started Elite) is also a blademaster. I went a different route, which many don’t consider optimal, and I also followed a guide. And, like you, in the beginning I also changed it to suit my needs. I had the same issues: my go would drop against tough opponents. So what I did (from the start) was to put some points in Menhir’s Will (MW) really early. I actually saved points before lvl 10. When I chose the second mastery I already had the points to put 4 in that skill. I think I currently have 6 points there.
When fighting bosses, when I see that Menhir’s will triggering I just run around until it was back up, just to be extra safe. That + Pneumatic Burst (PB)+ Blade Barrier (BB) used to avoid strong hits should be enough to stall things out. Something like: PB - MW - PB - BB - run - PB - MW if it’s back up. (This is just an example, I did not time things, but it should give you an idea of how I used my skills). And you also have the mutator for CDR on PB, I did not :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Menhirs will requires a shield or 2H weapon, and I’m going the DW route :frowning:

Ups. Sorry. I am using a shield, so I did not notice the requirement. My mistake. Ghoul it is then :slight_smile: