Help with missing characters

I returned to the game recently and leveled up 2 old characters, and created 2 new ones.

so I got a new PC today, installed the game and loaded it up - it had my level 75 characters from before pre-expansion.

Cloud saves were turned on - but it didnt see my new content.

I go to my old PC and copy the game files over to the new PC - still no go.

Then I log into Steam on my old computer, and it only shows 2 of the (old) characters that I leveled up to 100.

Anyone have any idea why it would only show 2 characters and not all 4?

Any help is appreciated.

Make sure cloud saving is turned on or off in both the Steam settings and the ingame options menu. And probably best to move them all to local saves since cloud saving can screw up.

Thank you. We determined that, during the process of moving from cloud to local saves mode, we were copying the files into the wrong directory, program files 86, instead of my documents…

The next time you come back after a long time or move to a new PC and cloudsaving is enabled by default when you reinstall:

…all you need to do is select the Network tab…

…and then press the ‘Download Cloud Saves’ button. Doing this will automatically download and place your cloud saves into the \My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\ local saving location.

After you press that button all you now need to do is disable cloud saving under the Gameplay tab (as shown in the first screen shot) and restart the game. Now the game will read the saves you just downloaded to the local save location. You can also press the ‘Delete Cloud Saves’ button if you choose to, to clear your cloud saves out. This might be a good idea to prevent accidentally overwriting new saves with old saves in the future.

As always, now that you’ve downloaded them to local you have the option to manually create as many backups as you like and place them wherever you like.

FYI: The two buttons shown in the second screenshot under the ‘Network’ tab will ONLY be visible when cloudsaving is enabled. They do not appear when it is disabled.

I have a visual screenshot guide here:
How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.
…that details how to move your saves to local and then back into the cloud if you like. It’s very easy to do and once you’ve performed the operation once you should be confident on how to manage your GD saves any way you wish in the future.