Help With Spellbreaker Build

Hey y’all, so I am currently levelling a spellbreaker, and have attempted to put points were I think they would be best. At the minute he is only level 28 and the link to my build is here.

I have not spent any of the devotion points I have aquired yet as I am still unaware of which would be the best consolations are for my build. I would like to keep Olexra’s Flash Freeze as it take out trash mobs very effectively, but would reconsider Trozan’s Sky Shard for some thing else. My thoughts was to replace it with Albrecht’s Aether Ray but I am not to sure yet of were I would like to go with it. To finish off the build would look similar to this if I were to go on with out any advice or help. Or if I was to take Albrecht’s Ather Ray it would look like this.

Thank you in advance for your help and it is greatly appreciated.