Help with this build please

hello every one,
I’m new to this game and found this build on youtube. Se far i’m level 37 following this build but im having a problem finding gear.

The guide says to stack acid and retaliation damage but i cant find much gear with those stats. Can some one point be to a low level set of gear to help with leveling.`

So I’m new-ish to the game myself, but I don’t think there’s any faction gear purchasable at that level that would have acid retaliation on it (except for a 2-handed gun, which you won’t use)

I’d say it’d probably be way way easier to level your Dervish as something like acid Eye of Reckoning which’ll be way more forgiving on gearing up and way more effective til you have the pieces needed to make retaliation really work and then respec

Welcome to the game. 95% builds on YouTube are trash. Usually, the more self-promo the shittier the build.

You didn’t post any grimtools link or a link to that YouTube but if the guy says to stick to acid retal when low-level then the whole thing is questionable.

Best search Compendium on this here forums. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the threads or pm the authors. Everyone is friendly here. Unless you make a crappy build and you say it’s the shit. :wink:

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Wow I can’t believe I missed that lol.

That link should work. I hope.

Can any one help with leveling this build up. I just hit level 48 and im getting my ass handed to me on elite.

48 is little too early for elite+try to counter the resistances penalty.

Dervish is best played as DW melee dealing acid damage. Here’s leveling guide:

Thank you for the advice. still very new to this game. At what level does elite start?

It’s more of gear check but elite increase the difficulty substantially+your upper row resistances are reduced by 25% so you need to be prepared for the challenge. My personal strategy is to prologue normal and rush through elite, so start elite around 60-65.

This build isn’t great. In these forums, it would not be up to standard.

The only reason why you might choose dervish over warlord for shielded retal is for resistance reduction from Night’s Chill. And they don’t even cap it. They also max first nodes of dmg skills trying to make a retal/regular hybrid for which there are evidently no points. Devotions are also questionable - especially the bindings - as are components, some gear choices (Viloth rings instead of Creeping) and extremely low resistances.

Dervish is not great for retal. Defenses are bad (compared to other classes). Nightblade’s defense specialty is dodge and fumble - avoiding getting hit - so you either don’t take it and be a sitting duck or take it and gimp your retal dmg output.

As Nery said, with Dervish you can get in endgame farming shape (Crucible and low SR) easiest with dual wielding acid. This is dervishes main forte.

Is there such a build that uses Aegis of Menhir w/ acid conversion for Warlord? I’ve looked around but not seen any. Maybe I’m just missing it

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: