Help with Warlock Build

I’m brand new to this game, so I have no real idea of what I am doing. I was wondering if you fine folks might help me with this build I came up with. I made it without any real in game experience and just going off of tooltips, so I have no idea if it would even work.

any takers?

this is what I run at 83. didnt involve devotions but Solaels witchblade, turtle scales and dryad as core skills!!

I have okish gear 2 parts from Clairvoyant set and I can farm act1 east marsch with ease. the big purple boss is hell though and takes a while. hope this helps.

Aspect of the guardian is for physical resistance, you can remove it and take back the curse if you want, but it only reduces fire damage for you, not aether. While flash freeze is a more reliable control. Iskandra’s elemental exchange is for mana regen. If you will even reach that point with your build, you will likely have some +skills items that will boost skill levels of all these underleveled skills. How much exactly depends on the items, just be avare that you don’t have to max every skill.

I was looking at other builds and noticed that people didn’t max out every skill. I was just trying to go off of what looked good, and having people point out my mistakes helps me learn, so thank you.