⭐ Heretic Auramancers

damage has decreased slightly due to nerfs

Ok sounds nice, would like to try this build, made a new character to lvl 44 and then read about the nerfs :stuck_out_tongue: if the damage is not nerfed to the ground i think i will continue that character :slight_smile:

MAGNUM OPUS - New Year’s build


ArchHeretic - New Year’s build


Updating my best builds.



How realistic are the greens of the deceiver?


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New record :mage:

Can’t see 6.3 in it. The first hit is at 1.1 sec mark and at 8 sec mark all dummies are still alive.

According to the rules for killing mannequins, time is measured from the moment of the first strike :point_up_2:

Curce of Frailty counts as a hit by the game engine even when its dmg is zero (it triggers procs on hit and it can have dmg above zero).

Even if you somehow exclude it from your “rules” the time is still almost 7 secs: first damaging hit comes exactly at 2 sec and the dummy resets at almost 9 sec. In that case the timer is 6.8-6.9.

Your time is >7.2


Can I thank, genuinely, the Russian GD community for being so marvellously batshit crazy in making builds like this :grinning:

@John_Smith holy moly, who do we have here :scream:

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download link?


Hi There. Sir you said Macros for activate 12 abilities in 3 seconds in description.How can ı find this macro in the topic ?


  1. Curse of frailty
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Word of Pain
  4. Delay 200 ms
  5. Storm box

  1. Word of renewal
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Blood of Dreeg
  4. Kymon’s Wrath Tincture

Storm box for left mouse buton:

  1. Storm box down
  2. Storm box up

Hey, quite a build you got there :slight_smile: I was just wasting my time and came up with this theorycraft build; don’t know will it work or how efficient will it be… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7Ylw5N