Hero Boss punted off platform

Didn’t think that was possible or maybe it’s an error but I charged (Blitz) on a Hero Boss and it got punted off a platform in The Fleshworks. Never came back.

It happen to me recently in Gollus Den, i disn’t understand why the shrine wasn’t restored until i saw a hero spider under the bridge. i managed to kill it with explosives but with a pure melee char i might have been skewed.

Yep, that happens with Blitz sometimes, I don´t think it can be “fixed”, or else it would have been long ago. Iirc Bltz will be changed/reworked with FG, maybe it occur less. :undecided:

Yea, i’v had it happen here and there, even had a loot globe be out of reach to pop a few times.

i think that it’s the Blitz knockback effet specifically. my char didn’t use Blitz, but he did use the Valdun’s set special skill (don’t remember the name) which has a knockback effect too :wink: