Heroic fantasy items tribute

Im a huge fan of heroic fantasy and i think it wolud be cool to add weapons and items from this world.

Example a big sword with vitaly and drain tribute to stormbringer.

There was a stick in hellgatelondon wich was a tribute for the movie “shaun of the dead”(not heroic fantasy but pretty cool)

Could add a set with 2 shorts swords for the “gray mouser” and a huge 2hand swords for fafhrd (all this from fritz leiber books).

A thunder sword for rand al thor (robert jordan book )

If people are interested we could add more other examples but i think it wuold be very,very cool.

Conan (Robert E. Howard) is the definition of heroic fantasy and should always top any conversation of said topic. Everyone else is just an imitator :slight_smile:

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Too obvious in my opinion :slight_smile:

That’s because Conan crushes anyone in his path. Unmatchable. Is my fantasy man crush showing?

Lol anyway Gord the Rogue (in particular Saga of Old City) by Gary Gygax

And The Chronicles of the Black Company by Glenn Cook

Are great inspiration and must reads.

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Thanx i didn’t know these books though i must have read a thousand based on heroic fantasy and lovecraft universe.

The blakc cape is so cool , they should add it in the expansion on an armor.

No prob. If you read em ever post back here and lemme know what ya thought of em.

Theres so much stuff that would be cool to see modders recreate in-game. We need a serious influx of artists/3d modelers to make gear for the game. Would be awesome if we could get the levels of say Skyrim going on here in that regard.

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Yeah they should create a thread where peole spread their ideas and keep some of them.

Just imagine a set base on hell raiser movie with the new class of necromancer.

So much possibilities.