Hey all...

I noticed the link for the Kickstarter page for Grim Dawn posted in the comments section of one of the other Kickstarter projects I helped fund several weeks ago. Pretty sure it was Shadowrun Returns. Although I thought the game looked really great it wasn’t until I started reading about the background of Crate Entertainment & watched the videos that it really grabbed my attention. One can tell this project is a true labor of love.

I’m very excited to play a small part in helping this project not just come to fruition, but grow bigger/better & show the established publishers out there what truly devoted developers & their fans can do. Can’t wait to see how many funding milestones are met over the next week & what extra content is added to the final game. Although I’m looking forward to Diablo III, something tells me that it will probably end up just being filler till Grim Dawn is officially released.

Oh yeah, kudos on the soundtrack Crate. By far some of the better music I’ve heard in a pc game yet.

Hio and welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome to the forums! i’m sure Crate appreciates your contribution! see ya around!

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Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)