Hey there! Finally joined up!

Longtime ARPG fan/player here. Have known about Grim Dawn for a while, but haven’t really stayed up to date with it’s progress much.

Went through a big MMO phase, but in the past 6 months or so have really gotten back into my favorite type of videogame in the “dungeon crawling” ARPG genre. Played D2 forever, done some Torchlight 1 and 2, tiny bit of Titan Quest, a little Sacred 2, some POE, quite a bit of D3, and whatever others have come around the past 10+ years.

Stumbled upon some Grim Dawn youtube videos and I’ve got to say the game is looking pretty damn good. So, I’m going to have a to give it a shot. Really looking for that “go to” or “home” ARPG. Like a lot of people, waited for D3 only to be disappointed for the most part. Enjoyed it, but got old way too fast…to the point where I’m not even sure if I’ll buy the expansion or not.

The other games I’ve listed above, just never completely sucked me in, so hoping that Grim Dawn can do just that. Game is downloading as we speak, so I’ll be hopping in there in a just a bit.

But it is nice to see the genre having some decent options these days with current games like D3, POE, TL2, and the announced yesterday finally Sacred 3.

Like I said, been really reading up and watching as much Grim Dawn content as possible the last few days and really excited to get into it.

Welcome to the forums PrimetimeUTK! :wink:


Welcome to the game and the forums. I’m sure you will have a blast with GD, especially when act 2 arrives.

welcome to grim dawn:p

hi and welcome, and I hope you enjoy the game, and hope to see you around the forums.

Welcome Primetime :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to GD. :wink: