My name is Nathan, or you can call me meatshield, meat or meaty whatever floats your boat. I normally dont just go into forums and introduce myself but ive recently really gotten into action rpgs for the first time and have been tearing through titan quest. As so i obviously am pumped for grim dawn and felt it would be good to connect with the community. If anyone ever wants to play titan quest link me up!

Hi and welcome to the forums Nathan, Meat, Meaty, Meatshield - so difficult to choose amongst so many excellent names!

Hello and welcome to the forum and glad to hear you’re enjoying TQ while you wait for it’s spiritual successor GD.

Hello and welcome! well i could use a meatshield… got carried off there. see you around.

I will be anyones personal meatshield, i even prefer playing tanky frontline characters in rpgs so im not opposed to it!

Greetings good sir! We’re all glad to have you on board.

Please enjoy your stay.

hello and welcome

Fresh Meeeaaatt!!:wink: