Hi all...

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself on the forums!

I got wind of GD months ago being a massive fan of TQ:IT but just never got around to supporting via Kickstarter! :frowning:

I’ve not found any game that holds a candle to Titan Quest in my opinion so have high hopes for GD!

Am I right in saying that I can still just buy the “Patron” package for $50 and get immediate access to the Alpha build?


edit Nevermind, couldn’t resist and went for the Patron pack! :smiley:

Welcome! And enjoy the alpha :wink:

Welcome to the forums!

You are correct that you can buy the “Patron” package and get alpha access immediately - well as long as it takes to get the key! :slight_smile:

Welcome to GD and the forums.

Hope you enjoy the alpha and converse with everyone on the forums about the game, if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate in giving them.