Hi All!

Hello GD players and Crate team! Leofire here; Short introduction:

I have been a long time off and on PC gamer; by off and on I mean I would start a lot of PC games and then stop. That was until I started playing Lineage 2 in 2004 and Titan Quest a year or so after it came out. Best money I ever spent on a game was Titan Quest; hours of game play; not to mention an amazing bonding experience with my nephew. I still love that game and still have it installed on my computer right now and always will. I still plan on going back to create new characters as I only ever made one character that I have played through Normal, Epic, and 2 Acts into Legendary with. (Having to start back over in Epic though due to losing my original save files.)

I have mostly played console games and prefer the feel of controller rather than mouse/keyboard combo.That was until I played TQ and now GD and find myself now finding out what all of you already know; there is not better to play an ARPG!! I just recently discovered that Grim Dawn was available for Early Access and bought it immediately! Again best money spent on a game since TQ! Anyway…that’s enough about me! Just wanted to introduce myself and say I look forward to gaining the wisdom of the Crate team, Grim Dawn veteran players and eventually being able to share a bit of my wisdom about the game.

As of now I have the following classes:
Level 40 Blademaster
Level 40 Battlemage
Level 33 Witch Hunter

Next up with be the Witchblade pure tank build. Well that’s it for now!! Have fun all!

Welcome mate!

Your story is very familiar to me except I was the nephew! Great to see generations not only passing the torch but carrying it along with them.

I also have a witchblade tank, feel free to ask any questions, though I am far from the most knowledgeable gentleman on the forums.

Welcome to GD, and it sounds like you are already having fun!

I wish you luck with your Witchblade, let us know how it goes. :cool:

Hello Leofire,

And welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn!

Hello and Welcome!

If you need help with witchblade tank ask me, and I’ll tell you how to make a killer witchblade tank with a focus on acid retaliation which does 4,000 dps, has 8.5k health, and 500 health regen per second, and 500 piercing retaliation aswell :slight_smile:

Holy Crap! Thanks! I will remember and seek out your advice when I am ready! Wow…Just Wow! I learned the other day on here about Retaliation and it’s importance and will be adjusting how I build characters going forward.

Thanks All for the Welcome! Grim Dawn is GD awesome! haha :slight_smile: