Hi all~

Hi all, im Mukdore (Muk for short)

Just picked up this game about 3 weeks ago, while doing loads of overtime ive managed to still clock 70 hours on this game… i think yall have me addicted!

interested in learning more about the game (eg the mechanics and interactions that are built in) but alot oft he stuff i see on here is heavily anachronimed or shortened, does anyone have any easy to understand vids that explain it all? found meatheadmikhile but not huge amounts of upto data vids from him :S

also Pleased to meet you all :smiley:

Hello Mukdore. welcome to the forum and the game.

Hi Mukdore (I read Mudcore at first :o), welcome to the game and the forums !!!

Thanks :smiley:

and haha its an old D&D name that i used to had :stuck_out_tongue: Muk as in pokemon Muk the then the dore was just to make it sounds fantasy like xD

(im a simple man xD)

and good to meet you all and hope to see you out in the game at some point :slight_smile: