Hi everyone

Hi, I’m Evilwynn from France.

I played on Diablo 3, but I was bored due to a lack of gameplay. I tried Path of Exile but it is very difficult to handle (builds with no mistake, endgame very very hard, a complex therory crafting). I think that Grim dawn is well balanced between those two games.

I had played Titan Quest and when i heard that there will be a “sequel” i was so happy and excited, like a child waiting for Santa Claus. I’m playing GD since July 2014.

I got my first 85 blademaster character a few days ago and now i’m farming and leveling up some over characters.

Hi Evilwynn, welcome to the forum and this great game! enjoy Cairn! :smiley:

Hello Evilwynn,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Hey mate, welcome! (my first post too, hehe)